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The Cure Shop Class x The Good Bar


Cold Process Soap making is fun and rewarding but can be tricky! Come learn how to make your own natural soap for you to use & to give your friends & family.

You will learn safety guidelines and reach a level of comfort so that you can finally make soap by hand at home! We'll discuss how to formulate your own recipes, properly use and store lye, mixing lye and water, oils for soap making, fragrance oils vs. essential oils, superfatting, additives and exfoliants, coloring, molding and curing.

What does it include?

  • Intimate class setting of available for 5 guests.
  • All supplies & equipment included for soap making
  • You will take home a 1lb loaf of soap you have created and scented yourself.
  • A step by step instruction pamphlet to create soap at home.
  • You will customize your own batch in class. You will receive hands-on experience, an information-packed class handout with instructions, recipes.
  • Complimentary Good Bar Soap and Bamboo soap dish

*Costper guest is $100.00

*Date: November 25th 2017 from6-8pm

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