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Mala Magic Workshop

Mala Magic Workshop

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Join us on Sunday April 29th at The Cure Apothecary for a magical mala workshop, and of course it's on the night of a full moon.  We'll be talking about the power of lunar cycles, healing energy of crystals, knot magic, intention setting, and of course the importance of the 108 beads in the malas and mantras (or affirmations).  

Each person will be able to create their own mala, choose their own beads, and tie in their own joojoo.  You'll be given all the supplies necessary, but if you've got a special trinket you'd like to use in your mala feel free to bring it to the class.  

You'll also receive a printed manual with step by step instructions and information to help you make more magical malas!

  • Date: Sunday April 29th
  • Time: 5:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Place: 719 Queen St W
  • Cost: $120

Seating is limited. 


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