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Candle Magic and Intentions

Candle Magic and Intentions

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Now that we've gotten back into our routines with the holiday season behind us, we take the time to reevaluate our resolutions and intentions.  Join Jessie Arora of Atma Things as she leads a workshop on Candle Magic. Make your own candle, set your intentions, and learn about the strong and potent full moon in Leo and how to harness it's energy.  You'll be learning about anointing oils, dressing candles, crystal energy, and symbolic interactions.  We'll need the extra light of our candles to guide us through this full lunar eclipse.

What this night includes:

- Making your own candle with crystals, glitter, love and good intensions 

- Setting your intentions 

- Learning about the Full Moon 

- Ten minute meditation 

Cost per guest $100.00 

Where: The Cure Apothecary 

When: Wednesday, January 31st 2018 

Time: 6pm to 8pm 

*space is limited 

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