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AESARA Organic Skincare is a skincare line formulated with totally natural products made with zero synthetics. What sets the Toronto-based AESARA apart from other skincare lines is how it uses the most potent organic botanicals and oils. Sarah’s path to creating AESARA traces back to her childhood love for all things natural. She explains, “In the early 1980’s, my family went on a trip to England and I went into The Body Shop. It wasn’t in North America yet. I bought a whole bunch of their products and fell in love with natural skincare.” 

Sarah’s mission began with sourcing the absolute best, highest quality products. Drawing on her extensive experience with natural beauty, Sarah began to dig into the research. She knew quality products started with quality ingredients. So that meant starting with organic products-or as organic as she could get them. Says Sarah, “Not every botanical can be sourced at 100% certified organic. Hazelnut oil is very difficult to get certified organic, even though the process is practically certified organic anyway.” But Sarah can say with absolute confidence her product contain 95%-97% organic ingredients.