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Nitasha's Daily Rituals

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What is a ritual? Is it something that helps you prepare for the day? Does it help you unwind after work? Does it encourage mindfulness to achieve your goals? We at The Cure celebrate all rituals for the mind, body, and soul. Nitasha, founder an owner places a strong emphasis on adjusting her self-care rituals as the seasons change. As we transition to the Fall season and cooler temperatures, we wanted to give you some insight into our founder’s rituals.




Every morning, I wake up early so I can run some errands before I open up the store. Before I can get anything done, I have a few steps that help me get my day on track:


After I wake up, I spend a few moments in bed acknowledging the silence and peacefulness around me. I like to walk through all the things I need to get done today and find an effective way to complete my checklist.


I take a quick shower every morning to wake my body up! Right now, I’m using the Namaste body wash from Antipodes. The bright citrus notes and the green tea extract are an energy boost for the skin and get circulation going.


Once I’m out of the shower, I wrap myself in a Turkish towel and begin my face regimen. I use one pump of Vitamin C serum from One Love Organics to create a strong base. I blend this with a drop of Kypris Healing Bouquet Elixir II – this helps reduce any inflammation that arises due to the change in moisture levels in the air - also great for calming blemishes. I follow that with some Vitamin E Eye Cream (One Love Organics) and finish with the Ananda Antioxidant Gentle Toner from Antipodes – this gives me the final boost of moisture I need and protects my skin from environmental stressors.


I then pop over to the kitchen to make a smoothie for the road. Currently, I’m enjoying a blend of coconut milk, wild berries (high in antioxidants!), spinach, homemade granola with nuts and dried fruit, and a frozen banana. While this is blending I head back to my bedroom to apply body moisturizer. Right now, I’m using the Sage/Rosemary/Lavender Body Lotion by L:A Bruket. I quickly get dressed, apply a dash of makeup and hit the road!


When I get to the shop, for little boosts of moisture throughout the day, I use a couple spritzes of the Anada toner from the AM. I also drink a TON of water!


At the end of the day, if I’m not meeting friends for dinner or going to an event, I like to wash my face the second I get home. If I do go out, I never cleanse then re-apply makeup – you want to avoid over-cleansing as it can cause dryness and leave you prone to breakouts.


When cleansing at the end of a busy day, I like to use One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil. It removes all traces of makeup and leaves my skin feeling infused with moisture. I then apply a dollop of the Night Regenerative Balm with Prickly Pear + Vitamin C by Apoterra. This is formulated with 21 active botanicals and it helps lock in tons of moisture and boosts collagen production over night. It also contains pomegranate, turmeric and rosehip oil that repairs skin damage.


Once a week I apply the Evanhealy Green Tea Clay Mask which help detox my skin from the harsh elements we may encounter. I do this before I apply my Apterra Night Balm.


Before I go to bed, I like to brew myself a cup of tea made with ginger root, turmeric root and lemon. This helps with digestion and reduces inflammation. I hit my bedding with some Aromacentric Between The Sheets - the combination of lavender and cedar relaxes the whole body and allows it to unwind. I then light some Palo Santo and allow the incense to cleanse my bedroom and prepare me for a night of restorative and much needed rest!


Let us know if The Cure has inspired any rituals for you this Fall. Snap a pic using any of our products and use the hashtags #getcured and #curefallrituals so we can all draw inspiration from one another.




The Cure Team

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