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Nights Out!

Posted by mariah voronoff on

It’s 8:15pm, Nitasha is late for yet another Holiday party. 
“…and of course I can’t find my lipstick!”
She’s ready to go, wearing a vintage jumpsuit with statement pumps, and she just needs her Rituel de Fille Love in Madness lipstick to finish the look. 
“This holiday season, I’m all about the clean eyes and bold lip.” 
Getting a glimpse into Nitasha’s beauty process is akin to diving into a pool of creative expression with a dash of sparkling chaos. 
She rummages through her clutch and her makeup bag and finds her secret weapon, her perfect night shade of lipstick. After carefully applying, she does one last outfit check and heads out to celebrate with friends. 
“The holidays give us a great opportunity to play around with bold makeup and accentuate one of our features. This season, I’m playing up my lips.”
Nitasha’s holiday makeup look is simple, clean and defined with just a touch of drama. She wears Urban minerals powder foundation in Flourish tan to create a even base. She adds a touch of blush by Rituel de Fille in Lovesick along with their highlighter in Spellbound. Around the eyes she uses Ghost Light (Rituel de Fille) and a few swipes of Fitglow mascara. We all know Nitasha takes her eyebrows very seriously - she carefully defines her bold brows with the Eco Brow wax in Penelope. 
What are your holiday beauty goals? Thinking of adding some shimmer to your eyes? Maybe bringing some serious drama to your pout?

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